Soundtouch is what I do.  I work with each individual who enters my clinic; carefully listening to their reasons for booking a massage, taking note of where they’re at through assessment, designing a treatment plan, and then join my intention and skill into sound touch.

Soundtouch is what you receive. At its best, massage is not passive. When you have tight muscles, the pressure administered in a massage can cause those same muscles to tense up, and attempt resistance to what you are there to do: release the tension. In the early stages of a massage I will equip you with the means, strategy, and rationale, to intentionally participate in your massage, and get the most release possible.

Don Derksen – Massage Therapist


Soundtouch… Do you use some sort of sound ray to do your treatments?

Short answer: No. As for the word “sound”, it is used to imply seasoned competence. A happy coincidence of the word, is its association to music. As a recorded music enthusiast, I have long cultivated a deep association with ambient music. That passion is given to your advantage with select playlists beautifully delivered on a high end sound system.